Ghostly Stories from Bath

By 28th January 2017Bath

As Halloween draws nearer, you may be looking for ghoulish stories to thrill your nearest and dearest with. Bath, with its rich history, offers a wealth of material for scary stories. Here are just a couple of local legends that have kept people up at night for centuries.

The Grey Lady

The Theatre Royal in Bath is a spectacular theatre at the heart of Bath. It was completed in 1805 and is thus one of the oldest theatres in Britain. An old building like this, which has been filled with so much emotion from its many plays, is the perfect setting for a tragic ghost story.

And so it is said that the Theatre Royal is visited by The Grey Lady, who sits and watches plays from one of the boxes. There are various accounts of her back story; some believe she committed suicide after her husband killed her lover while others believe she killed herself out of an unrequited love for one of the theatre’s actors.

Whatever the true story may be, it’s sure to leave visitors to the Theatre Royal scanning the surrounding boxes extra carefully. After a visit to the theatre, you can go to the nearby Garrick pub which has its fair share of unexplained happenings too.

Admiral Phillip

Admiral Arthur Phillip was an admiral in the Royal Navy and the first governor of New South Wales in Australia. When he retired he returned to England and lived out the remainder of his days in Bath.

He may have had some unfinished business though, as several people have reported seeing him walking by the Assembly Rooms on Bennett Street. He is always seen wearing a black hat and a long black cloak and is considered Bath’s most sighted ghost.

It would seem that members of the Royal Navy have a pre-disposition for haunting, as both Admiral Howe and Admiral Robinson are said to be haunting homes in Pulteney Street and Henrietta Street.

But don’t let these stories scare you away! Bath is a friendly city and even these ghostly apparitions seem to be harmless.

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