Must-See Historic Attractions in Bath

Historic Places to Visit in Bath

Bath is a famously historic spot – the site of settlements since the Iron Age, first built up into a city by the Romans who loved its hot springs, its great abbey founded in the 7th century (and host to the crowning of Edgar, King of England, in 973), and extensively developed by the Georgians, who gave the city much of the elegance and character we know it for today. Visitors to Bath can scarcely miss the Abbey, the legendary Roman Baths, and The Royal Crescent – but if you’re looking to dig a little deeper into the city’s rich history, where else should be on your list? We asked local blogger Sal Godfrey to share her favourite Bath museums that are a little further off the beaten track…

Countess of Huntingdon’s Chapel - Historic Attractions in Bath

Museum of Bath Architecture

One of my favourite museums in the city, the Museum of Bath Architecture (housed in the Countess of Huntingdon’s Chapel, a beautiful building in its own right) explores the history of Bath through those who built it, their influences, their methods and the challenges they faced. It’s a fascinating angle and will give you a whole new appreciation for this beautiful, graceful city as you discover the incredible skill and ingenuity behind its exquisite façade. Take a stroll through the city centre afterwards and I guarantee you’ll be spotting all sorts of brilliant little details you’d never have noticed before!

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Besides The Awesome In-City Attractions Bath Offers, Don’t Miss Out On These Delightful Day Trips

As much as there is to do in Bath itself (see our previous posts for inspiration!) it’s also a brilliant starting point to explore this part of England, which is full of history and fascinating things to see and do. Not only that, but it’s on a major railway line and has plenty of great public transport links, so you can often get exploring without the need to bring or hire a car – which has the added bonus of letting you sit back and look out of the window as you travel! Bath is surrounded by gorgeous countryside that you can glimpse even from the very centre of the city, so it’s hard not to feel that urge to get out there and have an adventure. We asked local blogger Sal Godfrey to recommend a few of the best day trips you can make from Bath without your car…


It would be crazy not to start with Bristol, Bath’s sister city that’s only ten minutes away on the train. Once a bustling maritime port and the starting point for some of history’s most famous voyages, Bristol is a lively buzzing place packed with excellent food and drink, comedy, live music and more. I particularly recommend a visit to the restored SS Great Britain, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and one of the most advanced passenger steamers in the world in her time, for anyone wanting to get a flavour of Bristol’s history. For foodies, meanwhile, there’s almost too much to choose from, but St Nicholas Market and CARGO, both hotspots for small innovative restaurants and fabulous street food, are very much worth a visit.

SS Great Britain

How do I get there? Regular trains run from Bath Spa Station to Bristol Temple Meads Station, both of which are easily accessible on foot from each city’s centre.
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Look Out Bath – The Lads Are Coming To Town!

Whatever the occasion, Bath is the perfect place to bring friends and family together – not only is it a beautiful city packed with brilliant things to do, but it’s compact enough to explore on foot, just ninety minutes by train from London and, of course, you can rent one of our beautiful Hiplets properties so that everyone can stay in the same place and maximise your time together! The following article will help ensure your Bath Stag do, boys’ weekend getaway or birthday celebration is a rousing success!

Image by Andrew Neel - Trendy Man

Previously on our blog, we asked local blogger Sal Godfrey to recommend a few Bath highlights for the ultimate girls’ weekend, so we thought it was only fair that we give the boys the same treatment too. Whether it’s a reunion, a birthday or a stag do, here are Sal’s top recommendations for a boys’ weekend in Bath…

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Fascinating facts and Easter customs from around the world. Let’s egg-splore!

Three cookie cutter shapes: a chick, a bunny and a flower, filled with paper strips and sweets

Easter Icons


Did you know that children in the UK receive on average 8.8 Easter eggs each every year with an average household spend of £75 on Easter treats? In the USA, 90 million chocolate bunnies and 91.4 billion eggs are produced each year. An egg-sorbetant  16 million jellybeans are used to fill the hollow centre of Easter eggs, enough to circle the globe three times over!

Colourful jellybeans filling the frame

16 Million Jellybeans


One old Easter tradition is a game in which real eggs are rolled down a hill. On Easter Sunday in Scotland and North-East England, some people have great fun rolling painted eggs down steep hills. The owner of the egg that stayed uncracked the longest wins. Even today in the north of England, for example as at Preston in Lancashire, they still carry out the custom of egg rolling.

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4 Meaningful Travel Trends for 2018

A group of happy children looking up at the camera

If it has been awhile since you read the inspirational Dr Seuss poem, why not start the new year with a reminder and challenge yourself to find your mountain and “get on your way!“. “Oh the places you’ll go” in 2018. After much research into travel analyst predictions and industry insider opinions, we have compiled our Top 4 Travel Trends for 2018 list.

Family Travel

While 2017 saw a rise in multi-generational family travel, 2018 has a few new family travel twists. According to the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics, there are around two million lone-parent families in the UK. The travel industry is catching up with tour operators offering new price programs and single parent family tour options. Children are recognised as the key to return visits. Destinations are investing much into providing quality on-property activities for kids like themed workshops, practice with pros, and festival weekends for children. Delighted tots produce glowing referrals to other parents.

Little child in a big yellow coat wearing a small blue backpack

Photo Credit: Unsplash – Daiga Ellaby

Grandpa with sleeping child on his shoulder

Photo Credit: Unsplash – O.C Gonzalez

‘Skip-Gen’ travel sees grandparents taking their grandchildren on once-in-a-lifetime trips while the parents stay at home. Precious childhood memories are prompting a revisit to favourite family holiday destinations. On these sentimental, nostalgic trips, travellers enjoy experiencing a new perspective on the past.
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